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Increase your: Awareness, Performance, Results, and Impact 

“Best translation of neuroscience into applicable leadership communication skills I have ever heard”

Stacey Ferland - Ph.D 


Pilot, Executive, Speaker, and Scout

Franc has the unique ability to connect with people and help them see the leaders that they are and can become.

Franc was born in Montreal Quebec and as a young boy moved to Dalton Georgia. This started his great adventure of changing schools 6 times in 6 years. During that time, he met one of his mentors, Mr. Van Herk (think of a tall and big boned wizard) who used the mountains to teach him and the rest of the Scout troop life lessons of perseverance, problem solving and teamwork. Franc carried these lessons through his military pilot career, his executive corporate career and his current work with organizational leaders helping them reach their mountain top.

Franc is invited to speak at conferences large and small, CEO forum groups and with training organizations on the science of impactful communication and how to build and deliver compelling messaging that creates instant trust, clear contrast, and an urgency to change.  Regardless of your organizational role, Franc’s message will not only resonate, but leave you with an entirely new set of tools in your communication arsenal that will help you reach your mountain top.


Why Me?

Inspiring Change

Are you a hero or a zero…? As an event organizer or a conference sponsor, I understand that how that question is answered will be based on the quality and impact of your speaker. You need a perfect blend of motivation, inspiration, and education. I will take my diverse experiences supported by the latest science and deliver a lively and interactive talk that will inspire and motivate your audience to apply what they learn.

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Speaking Topics

The Secrets of the Buying Brain

NeuroSelling®- The Science of Customer Decision Making

NeuroCoaching™ - The Science of Effective Coaching

The Science of Trust - How Great Communicators Connect

Popular Topics


Royce Baker

CEO - Kinsted Wealth

“Some of the most relevant, impactful and applicable information I have heard in over 30 years of executive leadership”

Corporate Consulting

Business Meeting

Velocity™ Growth Consulting



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Reflection That Fuels Direction

Walk The Talk

Why Repetition Improves Performance

Other Services
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